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Come and meet the staff at our school!


At Maple Ridge pupils are placed in one of nine teaching groups according to their age. These nine teaching groups are denoted by a tree. The average class size is 10 pupils with at least one teacher and three classroom assistants.

Picture 1 Senior Leadership Team
Picture 2 Outreach Team
Picture 3 Home/School Team

Headteacher- Mrs V Clovis

Deputy Headteacher- Mrs H Franks

Assistant Headteacher- Mrs A Dowsett


Site Manager - Mr Keith Chivers

Caretaker - Mr Darren Carter


Admin Team - Mrs Denise Burden & Miss Eden Budd


Lunch time support - Mrs Appleby, Mrs Godfray & Mrs Broadrick


Classroom Teams


Holly -



Miss Peciuch

with Miss Ellie, Miss Brewer, Mrs Copestake & Mrs Hole


Willow -



Miss Birkin

with Mrs Parry, Miss Murray, Mrs Tungate & Mrs Hole





Miss Heyes

with Mrs Harrington, Miss Osborne, Mrs Bradley & Mrs Hole


Sycamore -



 Mrs Evans

with Mrs Wilson, Miss Johns & Miss Danes


Birch -


Miss Bulman

with Mrs Barnes, Mrs Randall & Miss Renata

Oak -

Miss Burr

with Miss Natalie, Mrs Bartlett & Mrs Yule


Chestnut -


Miss Austin

with Mrs Russill, Mrs Green, Mrs Heeley & Miss Knapp


Pine -


Mrs Taylor-Lovett

with Mrs Ellis, Mrs Young, Miss Weston & Mrs Flynn



Mrs Brown & Mr Smith

with Mrs Horrobin, Mrs Hunt & Miss Hill



Miss Browning & Mrs Butchers

with Mrs O'Reilly, Mrs Barry & Miss Beadle