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Physical Education

Physical Education

Maple Ridge School is an active participant in many sporting activities which include:


Cricket Coaching

Tag Rugby Tournaments

New Age Kurling



 All children take part in at least 2 PE sessions a week, and these are delivered by our PE specialist teacher Mr Smith to children in years 3 to 6.  Year R to Year 2 enjoy PE sessions with their class teacher and also practice their motor skills through OT sessions and regular outdoor exploration.


I PE sessions, children are encouraged to explore and practice different movements and skills through a wide range of activities and sports. These activities also include opportunities to develop their cooperation and team work skills.


We also have a Sports Day every year, and welcome all parents and families to come and join in with the day, and we invite you to stay and have a picnic on the school field with your child's class afterwards. All children are encouraged to take part in the different activities during the day, and do their very best.


All the children at Maple Ridge have access to swimming lessons in our onsite swimming pool in the term time when the air temperature is warm enough.


Swimming is not only a healthy activity, but also acts as an essential life-skill. Swimming and water safety are statutory activities at Key Stage 2 with swimming is also being one of nine workstrands within the national PE, School Sport and Club Links strategy.


The pool is hired out to other groups during the holidays.


We are supporter of Healthy Schools, and encourage all children to take part in physical activities both in and out of school.

Swimming Pool Rota Summer 2019