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The children at Maple Ridge thrive in the calm, structured and secure environment and they always seem to be enjoying their learning. All the children at Maple Ridge have a learning difficulty and will have a range of special educational needs.


We aim to meet  the individual needs of each child through:


  • the commitment and support of all staff and governors
  • appropriate differentiation of the curriculum to meet all levels of ability
  • positive attitudes and encouragement from staff
  • an atmosphere of support in which self confidence can grow
  • close involvement of parents/carers with their child’s learning
  • an individual education plan for each pupil
  • group educational plans for literacy and numeracy
  • use of a range of approaches for pupils with ASD, including *TEACH* Treatment and Education of Autistic and related communication Handicapped children-adults.


In addition all classes are set up to cater for children who have Autistic Spectrum disorder and they aim to provide the following:


  • A low arousal environment
  • Highly structured activities fully supported by visual cues
  • Individualised motivators and choice boards that reward appropriate behaviour
  • A curriculum that allows for greater individualisation and gives emphasis to children’s personal and social development.




Our Curriculum

Like all primary schools we follow the National Curriculum. However, we do so at a rate and level that is appropriate to the individual needs of each of our children. We prioritise and teach discretely the subjects of Literacy, Numeracy and Personal and Social Development and developing necessary life skills.


In addition we use a ‘topic based’ approach to teach the subjects such as Science, RE, History, Geography, Art, Music and D&T ensuring that we are making learning as exciting and relevant as possible. We have a PE Specialist teacher who delivers all PE sessions, and differentiates the activities according to each individual child. He delivers PE to children twice a week to Year 3 children and above. Early years children are taught PE by their class teachers, and take part in daily OT sessions or outdoor activities on a daily basis. We also have a music specialist teacher who delivers specific instrumental teaching to all children from reception to year 4. Children in year 5 and 6 take part in Hampshire music events and can access music clubs.


Information Technology permeates all aspects of the curriculum and is incorporated into all subject areas. We endeavour to keep up with modern technology and always look for ways to enhance our resources. We now have a designated IT Teacher, who delivers specific IT sessions on a weekly basis to children in Year 3 and above.


We believe that taking children off- site provides an excellent opportunity to learn through practical first- hand experience and to generalise their learning in real life situations. There are a variety of trips that your child will have the opportunity to participate in linked to their learning. The older children in the school have the opportunity to spend up to four nights away at an approved residential site and participate in all sorts of exciting activities whilst there.


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