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  • New Covid-19 Letter

    Mon 04 Jan 2021
    Please check the COVID-19 Information & Updates section of the website to see the latest communication sent to parents, and the latest version of the Risk Assessment.
  • Christmas Jumper Day 2020

    Tue 24 Nov 2020
  • Forest School Area

    Mon 19 Oct 2020

    Here are some photos of our new Forest School Area. The children love to be outside, and are really enjoying the wild space!

  • Visitor Protocol from September 2020

    Thu 03 Sep 2020

    Unfortunately, we will not be allowing any visitors to school site for the foreseeable future. Contractors/professionals will be allowed on site if approved by the Headteacher in advance for specific reasons.


    If you were hoping to visit the school in relation to your child for future admission, please use the information on the website which we are updating regularly. You can also call to speak to the school office, or SEN department for further guidance.



  • No More Toothbrushing in School

    Wed 15 Jul 2020
    From September 2020 we will no longer be doing daily Toothbrushing in school. Due to hygiene reasons, in line with guidance related to COVID-19 this will cease in September.
  • Check 'COVID-19 Updates'

    Wed 29 Apr 2020

    New information is being posted in the 'COVID-19' section of the website, make sure you check there regularly.

    Parents/ COVID 19 updates

  • Help! Task Force for Maple Ridge Parents

    Fri 17 Jan 2020

    Calling all parents of children at Maple Ridge School! 


    You may, or may not know, about a group of parents who meet at school on Thursday mornings to help the school make resources for the classrooms. They cut, stick and laminate all morning (with the help of tea & biscuits) to help all of the children at school continue to access the vast amount of visuals and learning tasks they need to learn. We couldn't do what we do, without them!


    As well as helping the school, it is a great opportunity for them to share experiences and advice between parents of children with additional needs.


    If you are able to lend a hand at any time, please feel free to pop into school on a Thursday morning between 9:30am - 12pm or call the school for more information. You don't have to commit to coming all the time, but it would be great to expand this community of parents- for the benefit of all the children in school!


  • School Meals- Price Change September 2019!

    Mon 08 Jul 2019

    Hampshire County Council have confirmed that as of September 2019 the price of a school meal will increase to £2.40 per meal. The weekly cost of school diners will be £12.


    Please pay in advance for your child's school dinners to prevent a debt building on the account. We would prefer payments via the online payment system SCO Pay, but can accept cheque/cash payments in the school office.


    For information on how to set up an online payment account please contact the school office.

  • Plant Sale

    Tue 04 Jun 2019
    Big thank you to James for running the plant sale at parents evening and to everyone who purchased some plants. We manage to raise £40 for FMR. James grew all the plants himself, and really enjoyed showing them off at parents evening.
  • We've Changed Uniform Providers!

    Mon 11 Feb 2019
    You will no longer be able to order school uniform via the Tesco Site. We are now using a company called My Clothing ( for more information go to Parents/Uniform, you are still able to order via Skoolkit.