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We use a ‘topic based’ approach focusing primarily on the foundation subjects; Science, RE, History, Geography, Art, Music and D&T.  


The science curriculum fosters a working scientifically approach which allows children to explore the skills needed to acquire knowledge. Practical and experiential learning harnesses the desire to question and enables children to experience the wonders of the world in meaningful contexts. Science at Maple Ridge aims to engage, inspire and motivate. 


We use Hampshire’s Living Difference syllabus to support our teaching of concepts in RE and have adopted this for History. This allows children to respond from their own experience before being introduced to the way others appreciate things and then evaluate these experiences. 


We use a skills-based approach to plan in relation to Science, Geography, Art, Design technology and Music to ensure that progression is clear and well planned based on children’s prior knowledge and experience. This also ensures that topics are planned to allow children to access the full curriculum at an age-appropriate level but also be adapted to suit their individual learning needs, ensuring that we are making learning as exciting and relevant as possible. It further allows opportunities for children to master and generalise their learning gained in Numeracy, Literacy and PSD.