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Maple Ridge Outreach Service

Maple Ridge is one of a number of Hampshire Schools accredited by the Local Education Authority (LEA) to provide an Outreach service to mainstream schools.


This includes providing advice to mainstream schools in relation to the inclusion of individual pupils with learning needs and Autism/social communication difficulties. Mainstream Primary Schools for whom we are the closest appropriate Outreach provider can access support for individual children. The details of how schools can access advice for individual pupils is outlined in the ‘Maple Ridge Outreach Pre-Referral Criteria and SLA’ document.


We regularly run a variety of training sessions, including a Problem Solving and Resource Making session, please email to request the most up-to-date list of training sessions currently available, as well as information about costings for courses and who the sessions are suitable for.


Our TOP (Thomas Outreach Programme) workers provide early intervention for young children with ASD/social communication difficulties and run our Open Door sessions; a parent/child support group for pre-school children in collaboration with the Basingstoke Portage Service, which is accessible by invitation. Further information is outlined in the ‘TOP leaflet’.


On an annual basis we run NAS Early Bird and Early Bird Plus courses for parents of children with an Autism diagnosis. Further information is outlined in the ‘NAS Early Bird and Early Bird Plus Flyer’.


For further information on these services please open the leaflets below and you can contact us via email for further information and enquiries.


Jacqui Brown (TOP Worker and Outreach Assistant):

Please contact Jacqui Brown in the first instance for enquiries


Jane Eales (TOP worker):


Rachael Tomlin (Outreach Lead):