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Our Scheme of Work is a working document for all teachers to edit/annotate/adapt in order to suit the class needs.  It is overseen by a subject specialist, supporting staff in delivering content at appropriate levels.  The Scheme of Work sets out lesson plans for the academic year in order to meet the criteria of the Computing curriculum but is flexible so that teams are able to adapt to the topics they are delivering (skills stay the same but topics can be adapted to suit).


Our pupils enjoy using a range of software and hardware resources when taking part in their computing lessons.  They are starting to use these skills when they are attempting work across the curriculum and at home.  


We use a wide range of devices to help create a digital record of our work, with an emphasis on creating and sharing digital content in a variety of media.  Content creation is facilitated through the use of laptops, digital cameras, microphones, iPads, etc.  These are saved in their own secure areas and shared with others in the school environment.  With focus on how we can use these in our everyday lives, pupils are starting to understand the real-world applications of the computer skills we are embedding.  


We are committed to developing responsible digital citizens with a better understanding of how technology can help us without taking over our lives.  To help with this we constantly look at ways

our equipment is used and how it impacts on us in and outside of school.  Our online safety focus is across the school with pupils showing an understanding of acceptable use and how to look after our own information when online.