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Maple Chat:

There is an informal parents/carers group called Maple Chat that meet once a month in Cedar room at the school. They have children at Maple Ridge school and like to meet over a cup of tea (and a biscuit or two) and chat about…. anything!..



Task Force:

We also have a fortnightly opportunity for parents to help develop school resources known as the ‘task force’. Laminating, cutting, sticking – it all gets done This is also a good opportunity for parents to get to know each other and offer support and a listening ear to each other (and again, eat a fair amount of biscuits!)


Parent Governors:

The school has an active Governing body and when opportunities arise to become involved as a parent governor parents/carers will be informed and invited to apply. Click here to see the Governors page

Friends of Maple Ridge:

Click here to see our FMR page