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At Maple Ridge pupils are placed in one of 10 classes according to their age, and each class is named after a tree. The average class size is 10 pupils and there are generally 3 or 4 adults in each class, including the class teacher.  The classes are split into 3 'Teams' and they work in their teams for a multitude of topics, school performances and school trips.


Leadership Team


Mrs V Clovis - Headteacher & Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs J Parks- Deputy Headteacher & Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Mrs C Evans - Assistant Headteacher KS2 & Deputy Safeguarding lead

Mrs R Tomlin - Assistant Headteacher EYFS/KS1 & Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Mr R Gluck - School Business Manager


Support Staff (Non Class Based)


Admin Team - Mrs Burden (Finance Officer)

                         Mrs Copestake (Senior Administrative Assistant)

                         Mrs Pickard (Administrative Assistant)

Home/School Coordinator - Mrs Eales

TOP/Outreach Workers - Mrs Eales and Mrs Brown

Emotional Wellbeing Support Team - Mrs Barnes and Mrs Ellis

Occupational Therapist - Mrs Amanda David

Occupational Therapy Assistant - Mrs Lynne Harrington

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants  - Mrs Godfray, Mrs Broadrick, Mrs Hailstone, 

Miss Butler, Mrs Pullen, Mrs Burchett & Mrs Kam

Caretaker - Mr D Carter

Cleaners - Mrs Severn and Mr R Carter


Team 1


Year R, 1 & 2 Children


Holly Class

Class Teacher - Miss Danes

Support Assistants - Mrs Freathy, Mrs Carroll and Mrs Dhyawarshetty


Maple Class

Class Teacher - Miss Browning

Support Assistants - Mrs Ahtty, Mrs Travell and Mrs Lum


Willow Class 

Class Teacher - Miss Parker

Support Assistants -  Miss Ellie, Miss Taylor and Mrs Nuin


Beech Class

Class Teacher - Mrs Wilson

Support Assistants - Ms Tripp, Miss Wheeler and Miss Sherchan

Team 2


Year 3 & 4 Children

Birch Class

Class Teacher - Miss Burr

Support Assistants -  Miss Middleton, Mrs Bunce & Ms Young


Oak Class

Class Teacher - Miss Saunders

Support Assistants - Miss Natalie, Miss O'Donnell & Mrs Broadrick


Pine Class

Class Teacher - Mrs Smith

Support Assistants - Miss Johns, Mrs Robinson and Miss Small


Team 3


Year 5 & 6 Children


Chestnut Class

Class Teacher - Miss Oxford 

Support Assistants - Mrs Beadle and Mrs Barry


Ash Class

Class Teacher - Mr Bevis 

Support Assistants -  Mrs Yule, Mr Price and Miss Taylor


Elder Class

Class Teacher - Miss Spence

Support Assistants - Mrs Wilson and Ms Simmons


Cover Support Assistants

Mrs Pickard and Mrs Dolczewska